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Can snow be hazardous to your health?

OWENSBORO, KY – This winter may turning out to be relatively mild when snow is considered, but it isn’t over yet, and there’s still the chance to see some wintry weather this year. Snow can be a beautiful thing, until you have to shovel it. Every year, hospitals treat patients with back injuries, muscle strains and … Continued

SAFETY MATTERS: Surviving Severe Cold Weather

OWENSBORO, KY – Our area is right in the middle of what feels like a deep freeze, and times like this can inflict considerable damage on homes and businesses. The Insurance Information Institute provides these tips to keep your home or business safe and make insurance losses less likely during extended severe weather.   Keep sidewalks … Continued

15 Financial Tips for 2015

OWENSBORO,  KY – 2015 is here, and that means it’s time to get your finances in order. Many people find it easy to begin the journey during the first week of January, but by March, bad habits begin to resurface. Our partners at Trusted Choice provide tips that can take your finances to the next level … Continued

SAFETY MATTERS: Safety Tips for Thanksgiving

OWENSBORO, KY – With people traveling far and wide for the Thanksgiving holiday this week, experts say it’s time to be reminded of safety. The tips include removing any fall-related objects that may provide access to a home, as well as other safety tips, especially if you’re traveling away from home. Don’t post Thanksgiving travel plans … Continued

WINTER PREP: Even if you’re not a snowbird, winterize your pipes!

If you’re a homeowner who “flies south” for the winter, you’re familiar with winterizing your home to guard against freezing while you’re gone. However, our partners at the Cincinnati Insurance Company say with weather patterns shifting, homeowners who stay home for the winter are finding there can be issues with freezing pipes, even though they’re … Continued

WINTER PREP: Heating Systems Need Preseason Maintenance

OWENSBORO, KY – It’s really starting to feel like the cooler months are upon us. With the change of weather, winter heating season can’t be far behind. Whether you’re maintaining a home heating system or equipment at your business, preventative maintenance is important, especially for hot water or steam heating boilers.   Heating boilers can cause … Continued

SAFETY MATTERS: Keep Home Fires Burning in the Proper Place

OWENSBORO, KY – October 5th through 11th is National Fire Prevention week. And while many homes have smoke alarms, but they don’t always work. Experts say now is the perfect time to make sure your alarms are working properly. That’s because an average of seven people day in a house fire every day. Smoke detectors are … Continued

SAFETY MATTERS: Have your winter emergency plan ready

OWENSBORO, KY – Fall has just begun, but winter storms are inevitable in many parts of the country, including our own. That’s why experts say you should have your home or business ready for winter now rather than waiting for the storms to hit. Our partners at the Cincinnati Insurance Company say now is a … Continued

Don’t Rake in Injuries Along with Your Leaves

OWENSBORO, KY – The transition to fall is in full swing, which means people across the area will soon begin raking leaves in their yards. While it may seem like a normal fall activity, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports 38,000 Americans suffered leaf-raking injuries in 2012. Of course, medical insurance will respond for treatment … Continued

SAFETY MATTERS: School Bus Safety for Children and Drivers

With schools gearing up for fall, buses will be returning to the roads. Owensboro City Schools started last week, and Daviess County Public Schools headed back to class this morning. While statistics show school buses are the safest method to transport children to school, it’s a good time for parents to remind children to follow safety … Continued