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Staying Sane in a Crazy Market

  You have no doubt noticed that the first four months of 2018 stock market activity has been starkly different from 2017. Even though the U.S. stock market is only in the second quarter, it has already seen far more volatility than occurred over all of last year. So far the market has seen more … Continued

Spring Rain, Sump Pumps, and Property Damage: Are You Covered?

  As if we haven’t seen enough rain in our part of the country already, Spring rains are right around the corner.   A surprising number of homeowners are not aware that sewer back-up coverage is not a standard part of a homeowner’s insurance policy. It’s vital that you verify whether or not you have … Continued


All too often insurance is viewed as a commodity, when it should be viewed as a necessary component of your personal or business risk management plan. Many times this plan doesn’t get the attention it deserves because it can be confusing to understand the type of policies one needs to be properly covered in their … Continued

Check your privacy settings

  Do you worry about your privacy on popular personal electronic devices and social networks? You’re not alone. Keep your stuff secure and private by managing your online privacy settings while still being sociable. Privacy settings can be complex, but you can exercise control over who can and can’t see your personal information. A good … Continued

Be safe this holiday season

Enjoy a Safe Holiday Season Holiday safety is an issue that burns brightest from late November to mid-January, the time when families gather, parties are scheduled and travel spikes. By taking some basic precautions, you can ensure your whole family remains safe and injury-free throughout the season. Watch Out for those Fire-starters Turkey Fryers While … Continued

Friday is the last day to donate!

OWENSBORO, KY – Our EM Ford Holiday Coat Drive wraps up on Friday, December 11th. If you have any items you’d like to donate, please drop them by our office on Frederica Street in Owensboro, or call us and we’ll come pick them up. Click here for more details. Thank you for your support of our … Continued

EM Ford Celebrates 90 Years!

OWENSBORO, KY – On Thursday, December 3rd, 2015, EM Ford had the opportunity to celebrate 90 years in business with our customers, employees and insurance company partners. We’re thankful to have the opportunity to serve Western Kentucky and Southwestern Indiana, and we look forward to the next 90 years! Please visit our Facebook page to view … Continued

Location sharing: Keeping your family safe and in touch

OWENSBORO, KY – Keeping up with your children’s or significant other’s whereabouts can be a full-time job. If you’ve ever sent a text asking your child “Where are you?” a service available on most smartphones might spare you a little time and worry: location sharing. Location sharing is a built-in feature within both Apple® and Android … Continued

Understanding the risk of earthquakes

OWENSBORO, KY – You probably know the Midwest as the breadbasket of the country, but do you know about its earthquake history? Should that concern you? If you live in the Midwest or the East, scientists and history suggest it should. THE PAST In the early 1800s, three of the most powerful earthquakes in U.S. … Continued