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6 Tips for Purchasing Affordable Homeowner’s Insurance

By March 10, 2020No Comments

Homeowner’s insurance plays one of the most important roles in protecting your home from damage. Selecting the right coverage can not only help you rebuild after natural disasters and other unplanned damage, but can also protect your assets inside the home. Consumers sometimes face large increases in premiums, reduced or limited coverage, and non-renewal notices due to losses such as water damage claims. We’ve put together some tips for selecting an affordable homeowner’s insurance policy.

Increase your deductible.

Although the initial savings aren’t obvious, increasing your deductible to the highest option within your budget is a great way to decrease your premium. Only claim losses that are well over your budget to repair– a loss-free record over time saves premium dollars.

Install an alarm system.

Higher security can mean a more affordable homeowner’s insurance policy. Not only do alarm systems decrease burglary rates, but they could also make you eligible for premium discounts.

Maintain the condition of your home.

Completing repairs as soon as possible and ensuring your home is in overall good condition is important as many insurance companies require exterior and interior inspection photos. Keeping up with repairs will only positively benefit your insurance savings.

Keep up your credit score.

Good credit can lead to a lot of perks. Maintaining a good credit score enables insurance companies to see you as a better risk, meaning more affordable homeowner’s insurance policies due to higher discounts.

Consider location when buying a home.

Location plays a big part in house buying decisions in general, but making sure your home is within 1000 feet of a fire hydrant and within five miles of a fire station is another key factor in getting the lowest rate possible. If you are buying a new home, insurance companies also offer discounts up to 20%.

Ask your agent about multi-policy discounts.

Most insurance companies offer 15-20% credits for bundling your homeowner’s insurance and auto insurance policies together.

Whether you are buying a new house, in the market for a more affordable homeowner’s insurance policy, or evaluating your current one, keep the above six factors in mind. No matter where you are in your insurance selection process, the agents at EM Ford are here to find you the most affordable coverage to fit your needs.


Larry Hayden


With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Larry is an expert in home, life, and auto insurance and has been dedicated to finding his clients the best coverage for their budget. Contact Larry at to request a quote today.

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